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[HQ] IU Samsung Card Gift Cards (2020 x 1276 px)
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Q1. There were many heartfelt and impressive lines in ‘My Mister’. Was there any specific lines or scene that has left a deep impression on you?

Lee Sun Kyun: To me, the most memorable line was ‘It’s not a big deal’. This is simply one of my thoughts, that is no matter how tough the situation is, as time goes by, it’s nothing at all. Even if good things happen right now, I think the most important thing is to behave normally instead of getting over excited about it.

IU: The dialogue between Jung Hee and Dong Hoon was very memorable to me. When Dong hoon asked “Why are people so petty?”, Jung Hee replied “You really have no idea about it? People are petty because they’re not in love.” The lyrics of the background music “One Million Roses” fitted that scene so well! It made me thought of many things about ‘love’. It was such an emotional scene that made me cried my heart out.

Q2. Have you seen director Kim’s other projects? How does director Kim Won Seok differ from the other directors?

Lee Sun Kyun: Of course I did. So far, I have worked with lots of directors and if I were to describe director Kim Won Seok in one word, he is no doubt a ‘conductor’. He excels in every aspect, especially his authoritative voice that controls the atmosphere of the filming set. From helping us with every fine details of the script to the timings of each line, he is a conductor who guides the actors to perform acts smoothly under a comfortable environment.

Q3. Which original soundtrack of ‘My Mister’ is your favourite?

Lee Sun Kyun: Though I love all of the OSTs, my favourite one is ‘Adult’ (Grown Ups by Sondia). I think this song played a huge role in giving a boost to our drama. Listening to the OST alone is great, but it’s even more impactful when you listen to it together with the drama.

IU: It’s the same for me. Even now, just listening to the intro of ‘Adult’ brings me back to the world of drama. I can confidently say that this OST is a masterpiece.

Q4. How was it like working with actress Lee Ji-ah? (Dong Hoon’s wife, Yoon Hee)

Lee Sun Kyun: It was great as she is an easy-going person. Though Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee were always quarreling and had a bad relationship, she is a good drinker. We talked about how nice it would have been if they filmed a scene where Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee were just casually drinking and getting along well.

Q5. How was it like working with actor Jang Kiyong?

IU: Jang Ki Yong appeared in two of my music videos, and we acted as a sweet couple in both of it. This time, our characters hate each other so much as though they want to kill each other, so it was actually a fun experience for me (laughs). Since we had to immerse in our roles completely on the filming set, I tried to keep my distance from him. Though there were many scenes where I was beaten or involved in scrimmages, he would always guide me to make sure that I wouldn’t get hurt or feel uncomfortable during the filming (laughs). He was really helpful as he is an expert at shooting action scenes.

Q6. For our ‘Marisol’ magazine readers who are mostly women in their 40s (below and above), can you recommend a hot place in Seoul?

Lee Sun Kyun: I recommend Gwanghwamun in Jongno, Seoul. Recently, I went to travel and got such feeling that if I travel overseas, I will stay there for a few days and experience the country and its culture. There are various sides of that country, but as the schedule is limited, you will only see one side and feel the atmosphere of that country. In that sense, the place i’ve been before and actually felt nice in Korea would be Gwanghwamun, Jongno. The atmosphere is great, calm and clean… I think it’s a cool area.

IU: For me, I would recommend Gwangjang Market. There are lots of stuff to see and yummy food to eat, so one can experience many things in one place. The vibrant and lively atmosphere very much represents South Korea in my opinion. I think it’s not the kind of atmosphere that one find it common in Japan. Though it’s a hot place that many have been there before, I still want to recommend it.

Translated by IUteamstarcandy