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[INTERVIEW] Dazed & Confused Korea Special Fall Edition 2019 (Part 2)

Q. Do you separate your identity as musician IU from actress Lee Jieun?

A. Not exactly. Actually, I would like to be known as ‘actress IU’ too. But because IU is famous as a singer, I respect the opinion that I have to use the name ‘actress Lee Jieun’ for people to be more absorbed in my acting, which is why I am going by a different name. It seems I’ve reached a point that I have to sort this out properly though. I’m not very sure how to answer if someone asks me, ‘Are you going to be Lee Jieun or IU?’ I don’t mind either. I’m just me.

Q. You last released your single, ‘BBIBBI’ in October last year. When will we be able to listen to your next album?

A. I’m in the midst of preparing for my next album. The songs are almost complete. Perhaps because of the influence from ‘Hotel Del Luna’, there’s a song containing fantasy elements like the songs back when I was in my teens. Also, there are some lyrics I wrote recently that really entered my heart (Note: HDL reference). “It’s alright to not be happy for a day.” At some point, I realised that it was even more tiring to be obsessed about happiness. You end up feeling anxious too. It’s a song I wrote to express such emotions. The key word for my album this time is ‘love’. There will be a few songs here and there which are relaxing. And if you come and watch my concert after my album is released, you’ll feel like falling in love on your way back home.

Q. Is there anything else you want to try, beyond being a musician and an actress?

A. Producer. I don’t really have concrete plans yet, but I would like to produce an album for a musician who matches me in terms of musicality. I’m going to listen to all the music of the rookie musicians in our country from idol singers to underground artists. There’s someone I’ve had my eye on, but I won’t say who it is (laughs).

Q. You mentioned in an interview 4 years ago, “this is a great season right now”. What kind of season is it for you currently then?

A. The best season? (laughs) What I know for certain though, is that I seem to be happier as I grow older. When I was younger, there weren’t many moments of happiness, since there was lots that I had to do and to prove (to others). I had to shoulder a lot of responsibility and burden. I’m someone who won’t be happy if I’m not satisfied. With those high expectations, I seem to have overworked myself. But when I released my ‘Palette’ album at the age of 25, I had a change of mindset. I started to write songs with a more peaceful mind and put my mind at rest a bit more. Love is important to me these days. Not just romantic love, but the love you receive from someone, love for something that happened, love for a day in itself, love for something that has yet to happen and so on. I’m writing about various types of love in my songs. Whether it’s (love for) the album or (love for) the concert I’m currently preparing, (love for) my fans who support me and (love) towards myself too.

Q. Is ‘love’ the most important key word to you right now? You’ve been mentioning it throughout the interview and I’m sensing the warmth and affection from the look in your eyes or your tone when you talk about “Hotel Del Luna” or your new album.

A. From “I’m not someone like that”, or “I’m not that kind of kid”, and now I’ve become like this. When such thoughts come to mind, I feel like I’ve grown up. Anyway, it puts me in a good mood. I think it’s something worth congratulating myself for.

Q. Are there any other goals you would like to achieve?

A. I think it’s the first time I’m mentioning this, but I would like to leave my mark through my concert as a musician. This is probably the most ambitious statement that can come from my mouth. I’m not someone who easily says things like, ‘I want to be the top” or “I want to leave my mark”. (Laughs) At some point in time, the meaning of a concert to me as a singer became different. Also, I want to be someone that can be trusted. Sometimes you’ll meet people that, beyond their likes or dislikes, at least they don’t make empty promises. Personally, I’m also working hard to be someone that can be trusted, be it as a singer or actress.

Translated by IUteamstarcandy with love

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*Ohvely = Lovely (Director) Oh Choong Hwan

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